With Others We Succeed



With Others We Succeed


What is WOWS?

Wows is a group of seventeen primary schools and  special school based in West Wigan.

What do WOWS Schools do?

We work in partnership to support improvement and change within our schools through developing five key areas:

  • Child/Adult
  • Collaborative Group
  • Organisational
  • Leadership
  • Network

What have WOWS done so far?

The WOWS community has held a variety of initiatives over the past 17 years. These have included:

  • Professional development for all staff.
  • Year Group projects in Mathematics.
  • Seven Art Exhibitions.
  • Developed an Art Transition Unit between primary and secondary schools.
  • Held 13 WOWS Leadership Conferences.
  • Held gifted and talented workshops in mathematics, Literacy, Music, Samba and Photography.
  • Held football tournaments for children in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4.
  • Organised Football League and Cup competitions.
  • Organised a Netball League competition.
  • Maths Puzzle Workshops.
  • Developed a WOWS Newspaper.
  • Held WOWS Festivals of Sport.
  • Held WOWS Festivals of Music.

What is next for WOWS?

We will continue to offer a variety of learning experiences for all through shared professional development, creative endeavour and mutual support.

Take a look at our Collaborative Learning Groups on the School Improvement Page.